Opt-out Policy

Opt-out Policy

Communications Preferences

Every day more and more exciting and important information is being communicated electronically via the Internet. SDAR would like to continue to communicate with you via e-mail, fax, text and regular mail and send you exciting and "up to date" information from SDAR and from our third party partners to serve you efficiently.

Email Opt-out

If you do not wish to have SDAR contact deleted from our lists. If you need help, please call 858-715-8040, or you can mail your preference 4845 Ronson Ct. San Diego, CA 92111. You can also send a message to unsubscribe@sdar.com stating your email, text, fax and mail preferences (e.g., "please unsubscribe me from all third party marketing," or "please unsubscribe me from all email marketing.").

Text Message Opt-out

You can also text STOP to (#) to opt-out from text messages. For more information, visit www.sdar.com, e-mail help@sdar.com, or call 858-715-8040.

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